P3G, an efficient training platform for professional instructors and teachers

P3G is a digital software solution, providing complete multi-user working environments that support training courses with practice. P3G is a “Virtual Lab” suitable for all digital training courses, especially for IT Training or Testbed.

An evolving environment suitable to your needs

Save time during preparation

Practical environments and exercices associated with theoretical courses

Simplify logistics management

Workstations, system prerequisites, IT environment … for training sessions available in : face-to-face, distance learning and post-training

Master the unexpected

Avoid blocking situations (user errors, network or internet access interruption…) that could occur during training sessions

“Contribute to your success
Choose smart training"

Your benefits


your skills and teaching methods


your pedagogy with innovative digital technologies


and follow-up your trainees with post-formation training sessions



an active member of a new EdTech community : “Experiential Learning”

Our products


Mobile and stand alone product for offline training at anytime and anywhere


SaaS product line for online training. Take benefit from high-value on-line services : Training Hub, Assistance Community, etc

“Learning-by-practice solution for digital professions”


Intuitive and simple user interface :

  • Clientless access from any current Web browser.
  • Easy way to access the platform in graphical mode or command line (text mode).
  • Smart classroom/testbed creation tools using P3G Librairies (CMS, ERP, Systems, Security, Developer, Data base etc..)
  • Advanced automatic connection management and IP addressing plan

They trust us

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